ISome reviews

"I found a piece of myself I had long forgotten and feel renewed."  – Roberta Bristol, Dance Dept., Cabrillo College

“How often do people come out of a theater happier than when they went in? ‘Sing Me Home’ gives the audience that gift!”    – Charlie Varon, The Marsh Theater, SF

“She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you think. She’ll make you laugh about thinking!” – Martin Sheen, actor

“Erica has done many programs for our congregation. An amazing storyteller, her stories help us understand what it means to be a Jew. Her family arrived in the US, escaping the Holocaust when she was only four years old.  This informs her work, and all of us who know that we are at a time when this voice is fading from our world, know how precious it is to hear from a woman who can bring this piece of our history to us in a way that we can all understand.” – Rabbi Marcus, Temple Beth el, Aptos, Ca.


About “Sing Me Home”

Asaf and I met at the Bay Area Storytelling Festival, where we spoke about how words and music affect people so differently. Out of that conversation grew our duet performance, and our adventure to marry these two worlds together.

We spin our tale in the tradition of the most ancient storytellers - at that invisible, magical crossroad where the hearts of the listeners meet the heart of the story.

We have been putting together our show for a year or more. We chose and re-chose our stories, carved out the rhythms between music and words, and honed them to create the experience of “Sing Me Home”.

We want to give people from every culture and every background an experience of hearing a “concert” of amazing Jewish stories. Why? Well… because we’re Jewish!