Fill up on a delicious story feast!


 Olga and Erica will risk telling you “Believe It Or Not” true stories! 


       Olga tells about working with a ‘curandero’ and having to look at things in a whole new way.  Erica tells how the wishes, mistakes and relationships of a family cross-country trip takes them to places they never even dreamed of!


         In these uncertain times, we want to draw people into the powerful mysterious unknown of unbelievable but true stories because they show us

the mystery, beauty and kinship of all life.


        And to follow in the University House Folkloric tradition, we’ll follow unbelievable but true stories with just the right folktales! And then we’ll invite you, our audience members, to share one of your stories with the person sitting next to you!

ISome reviews


“Erica Lann-Clark commits outrageous acts of comic clairvoyance to get at uncomfortable truths!”

-- Martin Sheen –


“Olga Loya’s lyricism is expressed equally in words and movement. She has a magical ability to manipulate focus.”

-- NUVO, Indy’s Alternative --


“Funny, dangerous, provocative, “BELIEVE IT OR NOT” is a stunning show! Don’t miss it!”

D. Grube, Cabrillo College Theater Festival 2013

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