"You made my imagination go bonkers!"

    Nicole, 4th Grade 


"I found a piece of myself I had long forgotten.

  I feel renewed!"

    R. Bristol, Cabrillo College 


"Scandalously funny woman!" 

    S. Ford, Artistic Director, 

    Strawberry Storytelling Festival 

Erica grew up listening. In a Brooklyn apartment, the tiny yellow kitchen brimmed with laughter and tears as her immigrant mama and papa spun tales to bring their history alive. For Ericas family, everything that happened was good starter dough for future stories. These kitchen tales inspired in Erica a passion for the healing power of story. 


 In her twenties, Erica worked in New Yorks off-Broadway, trained at The HB Studio and studied playwriting under Edward Albee. One of her plays won a prestigious prize. Then along came a divorce and economics silenced art for twenty years. Erica raised a family, supporting them as a teacher and an alternative healer. Her children grown and gone, Erica threw caution to the winds. She became a storyteller. 

Since then, she has entertained audiences on college campuses, in museums, theaters, classrooms and conferences across the country and in Canada, Thailand, Singapore, and Hawaii. She's been a featured teller at major storytelling festivals and venues, including The Timpanogos Festival, The Bay Area Storytelling Festival, The Sierra Festival, with appearances at The National Storytelling Festival, in Tennessee. 


     Director of Storytelling for Stagebridge, a world famous theater company for older adults and Artist in the Schools, Erica's led students of all ages into creating wonderful stories. And as a scholar in residence with congregations of many faiths, she has led workshops of compassion in action and respect for our differences.